more certain future.

Instead of relying on conventional third parties, tesful & guteis aims to establish a new future for the tourist ecosystem, commodities management access, and land management for investment through technology, a one-stop digital management system to meet personal and commercial demands. More realistic and closer

How can we create a more secure future?

Big dreams start from small steps


Complete access to rural producers by leveraging the ability to replace physical supervisors with a single administrator overseeing them. We restore the dignity of farmers and rural communities


Using a freedom platform, streamline the process flow of ultra-micro, micro, small, and medium firms in obtaining access to business demands and aiding their internal and external management digitally


Integration of the demands of urban and suburban communities, both individual and commercial, with a variety of customization possibilities that are driven by the need for businesses to be more productive and scalable

Building through iterative development with a hands-on communal approach

tesful & guteis makes a system from the user's perspective by participating in manual processes so that we can identify and map problems to get better effective solutions. Our focus is clear, assisting rural producers, managers, or adminstartors in increasing their productivity by facilitating newer ways of productivity and plan

Our work culture and values

We perceive individuals in a more sympathetic light





Fair and equal

The hub and journey of activity in our first phase

More information about our journey and battle to create a better future rural ecology may be found in our data room



Urban village




Travel group awareness



Group of farmers


Type of commodities

How do we develop a new ecosystem in rural?

Connecting to another with seamless access for everyone in segmentations


A digital management system manages various potentials in rural areas in a closer and more decentralized way

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The integrated platform provides new access by connecting producers to personal and business needs in a more secure and more profitable way

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Term of partnership

HQ Office

Doesoen Kopi Sirap Sirap, Kelurahan, Jambu, Semarang Regency, Central Java, 50633 Indonesia

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