A game changer!

Manage and access the community as a leader

What is Pilar Desa?

The village pillars are young men and women in the urban village or village area who are selected or approved by the village apparatus, tourism awareness groups, or farmer groups to manage their area through the digital management system owned by tesful & guteis, which is hoom

Build bridges for easy access to let technology enter differently than before

Pilar Desa was created to solve the problem of access gaps with technology and knowledge in rural areas


Part of our company

Building the role of youth to increase progress in their home region, replace the previous way ones


Leader in any field

Active planning for regional needs and improvement with collective collaboration by ensuring a smooth transition to the new system


Upscale talent and the team

Grow and develop together professionally and in groups

Why do we need Pilar Desa?

Explore opportunities to upscale and improve the rural area by designing strategies for sustainable development

Let the producer focus on cultivations, and leave the administrations behind

Assist in strategic decisions to determine collective needs in the community

Closeness and familiarity with the surrounding environment

An extension of the company's mission for educational support in the use of technology

The regeneration process begins with the encouragement of fellow generations who want to grow

hoom platform configuration and monitoring

Access to business partnership transformation through the village pillar

Upscale generations through our program

We are committed to building, in addition, we are also preparing for the development of talents through educational program steps


Improve essential communication through the language program to be able to prepare for global interactions


The program provides knowledge about the procedures for receiving customers during transactions and visiting guests


Understanding operational and human management through the smallest scope requires essential knowledge

Product and business

Program about pricing, determining the best products and services, understanding contracts and negotiations in business

Explore the Pilar Desa battlefield to manage the untapped

Village tourism

Learn more about us to unlock the untapped


Term of partnership

HQ Office

Doesoen Kopi Sirap Sirap, Kelurahan, Jambu, Semarang Regency, Central Java, 50633 Indonesia

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